Saturday, December 3, 2016

Niruri again - new & better!

Swiping like writing takes too bloody long and you have to make time for it. By the time I do most of the crowded thoughts related to guides have dried up and blown away!:)

But I do recall actions I've taken better. That's why I changed it to a daily diary kind of thing ... but I'm lazy to boot. Anyway, I'll do the best I can and the guides will have to take it like it is!

This is related to the niruri mold. I'd got as far as just washing the boiled roots in water and drinking it by the middle of November. That tasted awesome! Just like earth. And it was debittered, so most likely my favorite fungus.

At that point though the guides stopped me from using it. They wanted me to work on the water filter. A rat had chewed through a large plastic jar and every blank moment it would pop into my head (yes, guides are highly annoying creatures). I ignored the provocation for two weeks but finally gave in a few days ago. I put the tough, boiled niruri roots into it and placed the old pebble filter in as well. They continued to be unhappy. I'd read about hydroponics a long time ago. I also remembered the beauty of the western ghats because of ferns that grew between rocks as water filtered through. They were very pleased I caught on! So today I ruthlessly uprooted a few large niruri plants, acid washed a few large rocks and put them all together in the larger broken plastic jar and let water trickle through. I hope this is it.

I'm actually so very pleased with this biofilter! Can't think why I didn't do it before!! It looks so pretty and is such a great way to get oxygen to the roots and then into the water.

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