Sunday, December 18, 2016

New years resolution already!

Konmari-ing has shown me that I am mad about homeopathy.

I've got countable numbers of most things - clothes, books, papers and komodo. But my remedies, nutritional supplements and allopathy med chest are out of control!

I'm buying new meds all the time, sometimes even ones I've forgotten I have. This has got to stop before my shelves crack from the load!

Also, I want to place the existing ones into the solar chart. When do they trigger? Esp the plant remedies which fall into a good pattern in the moon cycle. They're very difficult to place in the sun cycle.

My guides were right in pointing out that they'd survive me if I'm not careful. That alone terrifies me. When I die there should be nothing to remind my family of me, no cleaning crisis of heart breaking proportions, no tears. I want to be quickly forgotten. Can't have them suffering over my homeopathic vials!

I'm calculating that in a year I can finish most of them if I use them at the rate of 21/week. So that's my immediate goal for this new years. Come 2018, I should have only a few remedies that I can use up within the month. No accumulation!

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