Saturday, December 3, 2016

More on Walter, caduceus and prana

Should go into the Russell Walters post.

This is part of the caduceus-harmonic periodic table idea. Consider the two snakes of the caduceus as the Ida and Pingala. The Ida is the rising, metallic elemental earth energy. The Pingala should have the descending spent energy of human/animal/plant production and/or waste.

It always confused me that it didn't have the snake going the other way but I think I understand why now.

The plant/animal side should face downward but doesn't because it represents Prana, different from the life force, more like a magnetic earth energy, generated by the living.

"The kundalini or snaking energy must travel up the spine to the brain and fully decalcify the pineal gland with the fire energy." (from a tweet).This fire energy must be prana.

But how so they both heal?

The elements heal according to Walter Russell's harmonic periodic table, I think. But opposite. The largest effect is by Uran and on every layer from the skin to the bones. Esp the skin. The least effect would be from the higher end.

The prana energy exits at the head. It reorganises life in some way that affects the gut.

As incoherent as all this is, it's all I've got.

There's something in it that homeopathy does exclusively that no other medical system seems to do. I'm having real trouble articulating the effect. Homeopathy acts in an opposite way - I think I established that with a month of losing hair and phlegm with potassium iodate.:)

As we heal from both sides, with plant/animal remedies on one side and mineral on the other, we're breaking up blockages.

Plant and animal energy meds  are very cleansing. Most homeopathic ones are poisons.

Homeopathic mineral remedies should probably also be used in an opposite way for cleansing. Building up is left to consumption. But consumption of nutrients won't help without breaking it down first. Food is poison to the disordered gut because it converts it into excesses of one or the other nutrient driving imbalance further and deeper.

So nutrition too has only a limited role to play in health.

Yet, my use of homeopathy has been wrong. I've been treating it as the beginning and end of healing. I've even only used Reiki to support it. Only when I saw the massive healing energy of breath prana did I realise I'd missed out on something vital. Homeopathy's a part of it, but not all. More when I understand it better.

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