Saturday, December 3, 2016

More generally, the radioactive spectrum

Uran has now numbed my tongue and given me ulcers on the tip of it (1 Dec). Similar to last time except that I had ulcers all over my mouth and very severe gum pain.

(2 Dec) Again the rapid almost unbelievable speed with which the ulcers healed has to be Uran at work. Kenchu is peeling so over his back again. The rate of change is shocking. The guides wanted me to put Hekla 30 in petroleum jelly for him so I did (didn't want bakery Black's  multilayer peeling all the way through again). The skin over the jaw joint is swollen but no longer scratched to bleeding like it was 2 days ago. Icy is itching all over the face and annoyingly whiny because of cyclone nada, but his vertigo seems better - he's jumping on and off the bed without as much hesitation.

Tipu seems to be breathing better overall. No stuffy noise except yesterday when cyclone nada hit the Chennai coast.

The grey and white Iyumeyu is the greatest surprise - for the first time as a mom she's been taking food to her kittens! And I saw not two but three of them had survived. Mom's mothering  memory and the babies survival skills appear to have taken a turn for the better. First set to survive after 3-4 years for her! So proud of you,:hon.:)

Blackie, Grey's sis, seems better too. Not suffering as much as she usually does during weather change. She's the only adult foam cat that I know - her bile foams up like it does for kittens, like it did for her kittens. The only survivor of the two sets she's given birth to is the ultrahealthy Rafiq. All the other kittens died either at birth or foaming just as they transitioned to solid food. She was a good mother. But now she's voluntarily kept herself from mating.

The underlying state to diabetes is extreme fear and anxiety and nothing I do reduces hers. Even Reiki scares her these days - something about the thick energy surrounding her, like it was with Gunda, just won't let up.

When she and Grey were kittens, they arrived at my place through a series of mishaps. Falling down from parapets, keeping each other alive with mews. Both had severe respiratory problems that worsened with weather ('thunderstorm asthma' as they call it these days). Echinacea 10m helped Grey live, Blackie improved drastically with Graphites and survived drowning once with Causticum.

But since then I've seen that the whole thing - fear, fip, foaming, respiratory, dizziness, circulation, both forms if diabetes and weather problems are all related, all part of the radioactive spectrum in healing.

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