Friday, December 9, 2016

Hekla lava again

Because Uran is such a sycotic remedy (working from the circumference to the center - skin to bone, soft tissue to hard, mucus membranes to nerve, etc.), hekla with it's wild calcium:mineral combination seems to suit.

I'm applying it on the skin for Kenchu at 30x in petroleum jelly. With just two applications (it's drawn every 3 days) his skin is softer than with just the daily jelly I was doing before.

(I'd have thought graphites going by the book but Reiki and the guides do their own non- intellectual, counterlogical real time choosing.:)

It makes sense in another way of thinking too. Uran is dislodging inappropriate calcium and potassium and other left-sided alkali metals & earths. It makes sense that this hekla will help in that range.

It's been many years since I used it. I feel like I've gone full circle in the 5 years (more like a spiral though!).

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