Thursday, December 15, 2016

Healers are needed

I'm not particularly fanciful or egocentric (not much:) but I've begun to notice a kind of hush when I pick good remedies. It's like my animals and Nature itself holds its collective breath and bounds in joy when I find a good one.

My dogs settle for a good snooze, Tipu and Hyder (who live in a bag behind my bed now) scramble for space, old Blackie settles on the box in the shelf and even the rats stop squabbling. The kittens even 100-200 ft away in a different house calm down in about 10 mins. I feel like Jonathon Livingstone Seagull taking off.:)

It's amusing and terrifying to know how deep and needy the world is for a powerful healer if even I can do this much with so little.

The converse is that they hate me chatting on twitter avoiding healing responsibility and escaping into that lala land.

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