Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Diabetes and forgetting

To get back to the subject of diabetes which my guides feel I didn't do enough justice to, or finish, which I keep getting sick and forgetful of: Alzheimer's and senility (probably even aging) is diabetes in its later manifestations.

The thing is that it's a suckling problem and even further back, it's a problem from the womb. Ill-nourished placentas probably. A pregnant mother's shock, PTSD and nutrient deficiency. A mother's pica. Her cravings and her temporary pregnancy diabetes gets lodged in the child and the sins of the father are indeed passed on to his child.

If you don't conceive in love, in joy and security, with enough resources to multiply, the body seems to use the fetus for emotional waste disposal, just as it does heavy metals (vera).

The child is then born to die or suffer.

In cats I often wonder about it. There are steady couples mated for life - like Patriarch and Matriarch,  Banditti and Manmatha, Magalu & Oldie. Then there are the single independent females not really in love with any particularly - the terrace pair, shilla, Chiri, Blackie- that rogue males like Rafiq and Boyfriend seem to rape. I wonder if the rash of dying kittens might have been traumatic conception and if that is why they develop infant diabetes and are even abandoned by the mothers when they bite instead of suckle. (The mothers themselves weren't very healthy to begin with, and as their own survival is precarious, and they're too young, they're not ready to mate or procreate).

It's too complex to understand easily why the life force goes haywire. But emotions like fear and hate, appear to be central to the suffering and needs healing. There's an irritability of fiber and the nerves are shot leaving their solar plexus' weak and vulnerable.

When women become precious, the diabetic disease may vanish. When men grow gentle and kind to their women they'll have strong healthy babies. When older women mate and give birth, longevity and disease-free kits might be born. When they mate for love, etc. ... That seems to be the message of the guides. At least, in the healing of cats and dogs.

Love might be in the radioactive spectrum.:)

I remember the shocking clarity of the world when I was deeply in love. I have never been more alive than in that hormone soup. I understood both a painful, poignant beauty and it's transient nature in that brief moment. My aura was filled with it. (That it didn't last is beside the point.;)

A child conceived in that and carried to term would have been invincible. Glad it didn't happen because it was an illusion and the child would have been a very real person ...;p but just saying that there's a better way to conceive than most conceptions today in the world. We must be glowing in a radioactive love to have children that glow the same.

If the kitten is glowing, s/he suckles peacefully, laving and loving, sharing energy. They both glow and grow. The mother remembers all her instincts to nurture, not just to protect and feed anxiously.

Because nurture is generations of memory, it takes more energy to remember, rising up as gut instinct. It's encoded for security, for secure release in a timebound, need based fashion. All memory problems stem from the solar plexus. That wonderful ancient animal brain that is inextricable linked to the delicate heart chakra.

Diabetes during pregnancy means forgetting. Diabetes in children means emotional stunting and forgetting gut  instincts. Diabetes is senility.

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