Friday, December 9, 2016

Dhua - Islamic prana

I've always been fascinated with the words,"Dhua de" used by the Muslim poor  Literally it means "breathe on me" though they explain it generally as "blessings". Outside every mosque the sick and poor ask the faithful to breathe on them, blow on them the energy of prayer.

No other people seem to understand the healing power of prana especially after prayer, in a pure mind. That it has been passed down for generations in India is equally impressive.

Ever since the guides taught me to prana breathe, I've thought of this striking plea for sharing the energy of prosperity, grace and life between brothers of a faith. What a clear understanding of shared power and energy transfer! I'd been meaning to write a note about it all this time.

I've put it off hoping I'd understand how prana breathing actually works but I've got nowhere. As yet.:)

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