Saturday, December 17, 2016

Confusing alphas

I've made a mistake with an alpha that I didn't realise could happen to those without functioning pineal glands.

There is an aggressive dog who bullies every other dog (but it's girlfriend) when I'm feeding them. Very disruptive.

About a month ago I got annoyed at how little the others got and was new to prana breathing so wanted to try to give him the energy direct so that he wouldn't steal from others. I sent some very irritable intentions with the breath, I think.

The very next day he was hanging back. He'd eat only if I cut off small pieces or specifically directed him to eat. Pretending he was helpless or sick maybe.

This also happened to the black male circle puppy too on a similar breath to stop him scaring and stealing from his sister. He seems to have found a balance though of better behaviour, probably because he's young, growing and adapted it to his understanding of life with humans. And his pineal is still evolving.

But the older alpha is still confused, after a whole month!

My takeaway from this is
* only to use the prana breath when calm and joyful;
* only to use it on the young & non-alphas who need the energy boost;
* not to use it in annoyance when animals are making a nuisance of themselves from an excess of stuck energy;
* not to use it to take away anything energetic but to give.

An alpha naturally has an excess of energy which is why they head groups. I had not understood that in terms of food fights. Sceps are probably in the same power-accumulating, down to earth, confused-about-kindness  category

I don't know how to undo what I've done and make him confident again but I can leave future alphas and sceps alone.

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