Saturday, December 24, 2016

Another prana detail

"Exhale only love" -Rumi

Another reason I'm pretty sure prana is gut bacteria breathing is my strange illness.

It began, not directly from Uran, but when I did about 20 'prana breaths in a row. It set off a cramp that went beyond just the abdominal muscles - through the entire cavity, the walls everything including the fluid. And the purge.

I've had something similar but milder happen while healing cancer patients and dying animals who draw a huge amount of energy to transition (not everyone needs that much to go).

Even healing this little paralysed old dog (male as it turns out) makes me cramp up so much I need to run to the loo. I probably use more than Reiki and delve into my own supply from the primitive gut microbes.

So the guides have corrected my error! Now I can build it up so that I don't run out while healing.

Easy to say. I just realised that it's the same as the anxiety we get when we have stage fright or a panic attack. The same thing that gets kids to run away from school. When you need the loo before you go out to a party.:)

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