Sunday, November 20, 2016

Uranium: Diabetes as a teething disease

Even adult diabetes. I think both are the same, one evolving from the partial cure of the other.

I've noticed that the preteeth stage of infancy is the most dangerous to life. Maybe the bone matter (wazzitcalled? osteoblasts but I mean ...  stem cells!) which forms blood, etc (1) doesn't know the right way to do it.

Hypertension too is related. Again, blood making seems to be at the root. Cholesterol too maybe but I've never got the hype right. All three are confusing as hell. But it's all  teething related.

I'm really sorry that I hadn't figured this out before bakery black died. The third day when I had severe jaw pain and blogged it, was when I should have connected it to hypertension/high bp but didn't. Because I'm not inclined towards understanding the allopathic take on it, I've been so blind.

It's one and a half solar cycles (36 days) and I'm still woozy on my feet and inclined to fainting. Twice yesterday I almost blacked out in the hot sun. I've not had a day since my strange illness without prolonged dizzy, vertigo-producing spells when my head is light. Not sudden lightheadedness from a drop in sugar but a constant float.

Yet my breathing is better than ever before in my life. My gums are stronger and have very healthy blood flow, again like never before.

My thinking is more complex than fuddled as I follow a line of thought further - like never before. Some lines of thought used to make me either irritated, anxious, feel superior or low and always alter the emotional weight attached so that my solar plexus would perceive a threat or assert itself into predator-prey mode. Never happened before that it skipped that step.

Even in kindergarten  school I remember the excitement and fearful trepidation and stress with which I approached a simple colouring book or a chart. Math & physics, though I maxed most papers in most  subject, wrung me dry. I loved and hated them. The better I did, the more it took willpower to graduate to the next new challenge. I has the demon of perfectionism riding me hard. From the cradle! I'm sure it's not unique. I see it in kittens and it later becomes fullblown anxiety and fear of humans. Feral is deep in the bones.

There was always an excess of  competitive, driving, nervous energy generated by the solar plexus that I was both proud of and ashamed in turn. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't bear not to test myself over and over to emotional exhaustion.

I really get the stomachaches of ttetym. She's a young me. It hurts to even see her posts. That's a diabeteswoman walking. So many of them, all of them. It's in the precocious developers and overachievers with the headaches, the 'worm' fevers and clenched jaws. The bones of the head.

All of us too. Fuzzy thinking and fogging is protective of the solar plexus. It's the mind's version of a pacifying smile to defuse a situation. There's tension behind it, but you blunt the sharpness of thought to escape the consequent drain on the solar plexus that would come with following it.



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