Monday, November 21, 2016

Update on the mold

My blog readers (not the bots or the Uran underworld giving me flattering site hits even now;) are probably thinking my strange illness was from my mold experiments, esp because I didn't mention it. But they'd be wrong.

I'm ashamed to say my gag reflex had killed those a month ago. Around the Uran experiments time I could no longer stomach, see and encourage fungus on food.

It all began with Uran, plucking and the sun. The first dose brought up the gag after almost a year. The solar wind stream made fungus grow so enthusiastically that I've chucked the plucked repeatedly. I've counted 5 different coloured fungi bloom at least. *shudders* The plucked tips of a growing plant is probably nutritionally very dense too. Within two days I couldn't see the food through the forest of fungi. No way I'm in any shape to eat that! Anyone with an overly developed gag reflex knows its not just a puke - we keep on puking until the lining of our intestines have reversed peristalsis.

The guides have shrugged it off and I'll now write about a new way.

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