Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trying uran again

The animals are drawing Uran again. I've given it to them and me today at 30x. Fingers crossed that there are no deeply diabetic older dogs that will have an aggravation.

I checked my notes and I'd given Uran 4 times around this solar period before the dose at the middle if the next period  that pulled out an aggravation in bakery black. The rest of us too, just not so bad - we peeled and then healed. Bakery black might have too, but the severity was much worse and led to all the complications that surround his death.

Only in 2 of the 5 dogs with cataract, the lens clearing has remained. It's two solar cycles away, so not bad. Amazing actually. So cataract is like hardpad, just soft mucosal tissue losing its function. I'm pushing on despite my fear for Icy and other older dogs with this one dose because of cataract. If only they can see again, walk without crippling pain in their paws again! Hear without otitis again, breathe without emphysema again! My dearest wish.

In kittens and pregnant females it brought the best results.

Most of the kittens seem to have used the Uran to heal their gut/nose/face/respiratory mucosa (hard pads disappeared). Rani still had an  inflamed swollen abdomen after, but it hasn't risen above to hepatize the lungs. Must gave an effect on the lining of the liver too.

Pregnant & lactating females esp Gundamma's mom, and iyowmeow, seem more mature. GM has had 4 kittens, all surviving, breast fed and growing fast (one climbed walls for a time but prana to mom and kittens seemed to heal it). IM's also got 2 surviving kits this time. That's amazing for her. She's lost so many sets entirely since they're born in the wild and she gets pregnant so very often off season. That they've survived too for so long makes me cautiously deliriously happy.:)

The middle ages (1-7) is hard to tell. Like me, some seem to have jaw and gum pain, numbness in the extremities, some crackling in the ears, scalp sensitivity, heaviness in the solar plexus. Oh, and the strange illness aggravation.

Fingers (and toes) crossed in this one hoping everything  heals smoothly for all!

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