Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The diabetics I know (and their minds)

I know two diabetics well. A, one of those extraordinary intelligences that makes you proud to know such a mind. And K, a good heart all twisted up and tangled with solar plexus issues.

Both are on insulin. Heavily. A. eats what he likes and shoots up the required antidote quantity and now has vast knowledge of vitamins and minerals that he downs like food. K eats her traditional diet and does any and all natural remedy cures that she can find.

Both are losing their memory and their capacity for clear thinking. A. can lose track of a conversation these days and head off on a random tangent and K simply can't focus.

Both are overly emotional too. A. gets worked up and K periodically gets depressed and high in turns.

But diabetes is so complex that there's nothing easy one can suggest. They're very cynical of cure anyway so everything goes in one ear and out the other. Can't blame them.

A. I introduced to magnesium oil therapy and he's always been grateful since. K breezed past the magnesium and is now officially a yawn student.

(Yes, one more taught that! I could start a school at this rate.;)

So the main loss seems to be memory, gut memory most likely.

There are two diabetic shopkeepers can't calculate a cig pack-1 cig. Even with a calculator. Diabetes is pathetic and very compromising.

They scavenge energy from around them. When I'm around A., he can talk till I fall asleep on him, and still be talking when I wake up. With K I get dizzy and drained as she jumps from topic to topic in great busyness. A. won't let me look away, K won't catch my eye.

The problem is, that they've been like this from childhood. It's what we call 'personality' - the emotions, the thoughts, the physical are enmeshed and steel-plated by the time the islets quit for the last time and  insulin production drops. How do you tell an emotional 'personality' that THAT is the part of the disease that took 40 years to finally hit the endocrine system? It was there in their reaction to shocks, always in their outbursts, their suspicions and sadness. Adult diabetes is PTSD at it's core.

K's teeth have gone yellow from candida. Arun has neuritis. My friend, J, won't get herself tested but I know she's developing diabetes from how she drains me. There are days I can't have a conversation with her without her pointing to squirrels and trees and sky, completely unable to focus. It's sad because she has such a fine mind. Now she can't meditate more than 5 mins.

When I talked to her about PTSD and her need to test, she brought up an interesting point about the adrenals being affected, the fight/flight/fright response. Just as chronic stress in their lives lets up, the body switches on the diabetes. The adrenals are connected to the survival instincts of the root chakra, so it makes sense that it lets go of old energy upward to the next two chakras when it can't push it out.

Maybe that's where Uran nit comes in. But the purge is too frightening to suggest the remedy to any diabetic.

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