Sunday, November 13, 2016

Old healed cases

6 years ago when I was still new to single-remedy classical homeopathy, I started this blog after two almost miraculous cures:
1. Hekla lava 200 for a twisted and broken white slum dog, that I saw shining and healthy a month later;
2. the other, Carcinosin 10m for a sick, wormy black dog (with white collar neck) that in a week was brimming with health
I started blogging to record all such cases (At that time I didn't realise how rare it would be for me to make such good choices:).

A month ago, I saw Twisty still alive, still shining, proud father of a 3-gen family.

Yesterday to my astonishment I saw my black cancer dog still alive though not so thriving!

Both of them have survived generations of healthier dogs in their areas. A real reminder of the power of good repertory and single doses in extending the life span of animals.

I've since gone all over the place with repeated doses, mixtures, seasonal, moon cycle and now sun cycle with some small success in healing entire groups but nothing spectacular like those single cures.

I no longer cover those areas, (the back-slum dogs, railway line and bmp office area dogs) since my energy has waned as results got more mixed around the end of 2014.

I esp couldn't go there again after the death of oldie from gangrene and the three puppies wet for days in the gutter. Busy road, mother was there whining, nowhere to put them that wasn't also wet & windy or full of hostile humans; I left them finally to die of hypothermia right where they were.... Broke my heart and it's  haunted me since. I'm still not sure what I could have done better except taken them to a different place and left a distraught mother frantic. But weeks of rain with no shelter for nursing puppies a week old is still beyond my capacity to solve, I'm ashamed to say. I still meet her now and then with her surviving puppies from better weather births.

My group healing attempts have always been set back by weather, and the last two years have been nothing less than traumatic for animals, especially births. With a better understanding of what I can give for solar excesses, I might have more heart to go there.

If my solar cycle healing works out, I should start doing those old routes again. But there are 30-40 dogs there. Some on my regular route  will go hungry if I do it. Maybe once or twice a month? Got yo fit them in again somehow.

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