Sunday, November 13, 2016

More characteristics of uranium nit

Many of these may sound depressing. (oh damn, I just found out how to link URLs on blogaway ... as usual serendipitously.:)

The thing with energy work is that life does feed on life, so our healing can go either way. There's no defeating death except by cheating life and the consequences alter us forever. We are no longer who we were before we took that step. And that's alright with allopathic users and their families who bear the brunt of the emotional, mental and physical changes of both disease and medicine. To each their own poison, yes?

The importance of Bechamp

Uranium nit is amazing because it corrects the life force in the direction of health in diabetes 1 & 2.

The changes of that disease begin in eye tissue. Maybe light, sunlight specifically, is the first trigger for good digestive health? Sun eaters certainly think so.:) if eye tissue and it's surrounding nerves and blood don't form properly, sugar isn't digested and diabetes results?

Uranium brought out a pus like secretion from my eyes a few days ago. I remember years when I was photosensitive and would wear shades (they looked so cool too!:) and my guides made me give them up. They didn't care that I suffered and teared up and had dust allergies riding. It was sunlight they didn't want me to avoid.

Maybe if you avoid natural light for years you get adult diabetes. And vice versa: diabetics can't digest sunlight.

I meant to write about Icy whose eye tissues are still red and inflamed. He couldn't even digest water when he was sick!

The nerves of his entire body was inflamed as it is during solar events for everyone. The geomagnetic storm is just the reverse of it to restore balance.

But it can kill if we rush the process with high potency, stress (shocks, accidents) and in older animals. Bakery black melted skin down, and it could only be the uranium.:(

Icy, bless the tough nut, is slowly recovering after nearly 24 days. So a full solar cycle for older dogs and very low potency for the depth of healing to be safe? I'm still confused about potencies ... I'm in a fever of uncertainty about using uranium again too.

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