Thursday, November 3, 2016


I'm thinking back to the experiments on yellow tree molds and wondering if somehow I'm creating a hive mind in my animals and me.

Tree molds act as one unit, even separated by distance. Is that what they want? The prana seems to do that too.

In my experiments with niruri and mold, pressure cooking got the nod a few days ago. This time I didn't drown it in the boiled water. I set the leaves, twigs and roots aside to rot like aerated compost.

I used the water  mixed with the previous mold for the animals who astonishingly love it. They live this niruri mess I make as much as my cooking, the weird creatures. (I wonder if it's humic acid acting as a digestive that they like?)

My rotting lime too I've put to good use by pouring brown rice ganji over it today. I didn't realise his bitter the brown of brown rice is. Going to have it tomorrow morning and see if it's cold.

This time I didn't add a single mineral salt. It's already a very nice lacy, white mold!

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