Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diabetics, Uran and Memory

Like I said before, diabetics seem to forget differently. They lose content, perhaps the (higher/deeper) emotional depth, or something similar. There is exaggerated lower emotions though quite divorced from reality - more on principle, duty-bound, the  'conscientious objector', politically correct, idealized & mechanical kinds. There is a loss of spontaneity replaced by a righteous, solar plexus-driven feeling.

Uran nit brings it back. All of it probably, though I've seen it only in very young kittens.

Gundugirl was the fifth? kitten saved, but Uran wasn't still in my homeopathic repertory. She doesn't remember her mother since she was abandoned with her two siblings in an attic.

She often goes to Stripes and touches noses, shyly asking if Stripes is her mom.

Yesterday (28/11) they all got the Uran, which always energizes the kittens no end.

Today, suddenly, standing on the wall looking up at her birth mom on the parapets, the terrace black&gold, she suddenly seemed to recall her! Her mom though has forgotten and Uran hasn't yet gone deep enough in the adult population to bring back bonds. G mimicked her pacing almost experimentally and followed her longingly for a while until I left. Later she ignored Stripes, showing a marked difference in attitude to the stepmotherly cat! an inner confidence was apparently restored. I'm happy for the girl because she ought to know her mom is sweet and alive.:)

Tipu and Hyder too went inside and sat on the dining table like they remembered growing up under it. They haven't done that in months since Stripes had her next batch. Today Tipu, who usually can barely breathe for the sniffles, was playing madly. He usually only has energy to eat and watch others play. Tipu was my 6th healed FIP kit, and Uran 3 had saved him. Hyder is now looking to mate - he was the 5th and never really let me get close except for a couple of days with Uran. He absorbs it well from the food directly needing no prana or Reiki to support.

In other effects ...
I've had short sharp episodes of vertigo once each day from the 28th. Not the kind spread out through the day like last time but more severe.

Like before, my tongue lost all taste for food and no cravings at all and water tastes delicious (I normally never drink water).

This loss of taste is called 'nucchu'. Several raw fruits give the tongue this state - raw guava, unripened banana, etc. It's considered a special state for the tongue though I don't know much else about it.

There's some oppressed breathing on the first two days but nothing as bad as the last time. The aggravation is milder this round for me. It's been two solar cycles so it really does take a long time for adults to assimilate the energy of this remedy. Icy has some breathing difficulty too on day 3. But it lasted only a few minutes.

Kenchu had inflamed skin over his trigeminal nerve & jaw. I've just put some petroleum jelly and calendula Q on it.

There's another peculiar thing I've noticed with Uran that I thought I should put down. The skin around the nails grow hard and flake, and the nails themselves grow rough and slough off dark waste around the sides. A remedy must be powerful indeed to affect nails to the point of cleansing.

I don't plan to do several doses this time to cover all the dogs I've missed. I'm too afraid to repeat last time's schedule. Now I'm just giving them plant remedies for elimination.

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