Thursday, November 3, 2016

Accidents, Adrenaline and Immunity

This huge metal barrier thingie fell on my head and now I think I'm slightly concussed. Not that it's so very noticeable, lol just a lemon sized hematoma, but leaning forward does make me dizzy.

This is probably why guides keep pushing people to work faster. Accidents are such inevitable phenomena. All psychics dread them because they're locked in time and virtually unavoidable.
I was worrying about dizziness, a slight lack of focus, headache and the egg-sized bump on my head because I had so many dependents, when the guides picked Pulsatilla 1m.

The area around the egg cooled in 5 mins. I couldn't sleep because my mind was roiling with the news that a dog I'd been called to see had died two days ago.(1)

Part of the roiling must have been the adrenaline dump. Pulsatilla cooled around the hematoma, then the right-sided headache traveled down to the left jaw. My right shoulder had been hurt too but that didn't change. From my jaw it went in the next hour to my neck then to my right hip joint finally it was in my lower back for hours and a headache from my neck to crown came back. About 2 hours later it was all gone.

All this from 5 minds of Reiki with Pulsatilla. Not even a mouth dose.

1. The guides said I'd made a mistake - it could have been saved by antibiotics, an ambulance and a vet.:(

I had thought it was a jaw drop paralysis found in distemper survivors. The snake poisons in water can reverse it so I left it a big mug of water with Lachesis in it and food.

The guides say it was parotitis, mumps, also common in survivors but fatal if blocks breathing. I made a huge wrong call.

I feel especially bad because Francis, the driver, searched all over for me to get me to call an ambulance and I didn't follow his very good instincts. He kept saying a bone was stuck in it's teeth and 'so it close it's mouth. I couldn't see the bone and drew the wrong conclusion. She died the next evening, Diwali night. RIP, tiger, I didn't do right by you.
Another big worry is that the garbage man said 3 dogs died right there (he said all of them, even tiger, were being killed by poison; I told him it was the season and the prolonged sun stream). Did he mean the same day though?? I was so upset I didn't ask.

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