Sunday, October 30, 2016



Yawning remains fascinating to me. The jaw-breaking, tear-springing variety is so very hard to get! It might be age that hardens the tissues (or my smokes:) of the abdomen, jaws, throat and perineum - all of which have to participate in the yawn for it to be right.

My friends and I think it's a great deal like another mind-muscular coordination effort.

It's like an orgasm - if you don't concentrate, relax and feel, it's impossible. One if my friends says it's better!:)

But while I haven't tasted the 'nectar'/DMT there's a sweet saliva that's unusual and rare. It's very healthy smelling/tasting, like nothing I've tasted before. Kittens can detect it from a distance for some reason on the breath!

But there's also another more interesting and unusual saliva from disused glands around the jaw that tastes very bad and stale! I've only tasted it twice and while it feels like saliva, it makes you wonder if this is the poison that we need to work out of glands in general if we want them to function into old age.

All this deep breathing is so new that I've got to wonder what it would be like if that's how we breath regularly. Would it really reactivate the pineal gland? what connects prana to the pineal ...

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