Monday, October 24, 2016

Uranium, Radium and now Bismuth

Uranium nit (which one should never give high) to avoid:
* gum soreness, aching bite (like teething all over again - could be solar like the teething tabs-FDA bull)
* swollen gums around incisors to the septum (upto nose basically)
* tooth nerve sensitivity
* numbness in the tip of the tongue
* bed sores, butt boils!;(
* very general: shooting pains in all the muscles, back, wrist, grip, etc.
* periosteal pain in the fingers
**CAUTION FOR OLD DIABETICS**: (2 post up - dunno how to link!:)

Uranium seems to be at the base in the series as predicted by Walter Russell. It's also best given during the start of the solar month (24/25 day cycle - this month 14th Oct) so that it's furthest away from the root chakra (for smaller aggravations, though it seems to aggravate around the head this way).

Much of this suffering is allayed by Radium brom, the next on Russell's periodic table, esp the mouth/jaw region.

If Uranium accumulates, Radium dissipates from my understanding. One is diamagnetic and the other paramagnetic.

But interestingly Bismuth sub nit, the next in his list, has gum swelling and pain! So I'm trying it out today - not sure if this will be better than Radium brom. Ask the animals still draw Radium. Got to check it out though.

Unfortunately the pharmas around here don't have plutonium nit.:(

But never mind. I've got all the rest. My guides tell me my remedy collection is going to outlive me - a terrifying prospect since I haven't made a will, and no one will want them.;)

I just need to figure out if this Russell  scale is a healing sequence or not. So far it looks great - spot on with the first three. The aggravations of one smoothed out by those coming after. Very exciting!

Just got to have the restraint to wait for Radium brom's aggravations (I don't have such patience actually - I'm doing Bismuth today). I'll do it better next time - this time my butt boil and Howl's gum swelling compels me to catch up with the chakras' needs.

The solar calendar is already at the solar plexus! I've missed the sacral chakra minerals of which Bismuth is just the first! This month's moving too fast for me to go slow.

My guests threw me off a bit and with winter starting, my body clock is slowing down. I'm sleeping upto 7-8 hours a day instead of my preferred 4-6 hours (ideally:) which can't happen in winter.

I'm going to try and catch up and then take it easy on the next solar cycle.

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