Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Uranium: diabetics exercise caution + Bakery black

updated post

26Oct: Yesterday bakery black male they said had been run over by a milk truck. I told them his wounds looked diabetic (he's a fat, bad tempered scep dog, a favourite in that area), but they all insisted they saw the truck run over him (with their 'own eyes' - usually precedes a lie:). He was falling over (vertigo), trembling, breathing hard, with flat wounds over his whiskers. It was a G2 class solar storm day.

I gave him Arnica which he drew well just in case, but I've always told them that his love of bakery foods will precipitate this kind of thing.

This morning he's got new wounds - the joint between his torso and right leg has completely opened up, he's got a long vein from his ankle to foot exposed which is bleeding. Fresh wounds around his scalp and deep ulcer over his left eye.

Uranium is a powerful remedy for diabetics. Too powerful at 50m, and he just got a miniscule portion of a quarter dram in the food that I put for the dogs.

If you have diabetes mellitus (t2d) please don't mess with the high potencies! Use my experience and this male's with this remedy because it digs deep to cure. This is the problem with using unfamiliar new remedies - aggravations beyond imagination plague the first use.

His condition is similar to Rocky's so I'm hoping Lachesis will clear his blood. The disease has been pushed outwards so I've got much hope that he'll survive and recover (if no one calls a dog van and sends him on to an a-w allopathic vet and certain euthanasia).
As predicted he was picked up by an ngo, probably CARE, (it was murderous CUPA) with the euthanizing maniac, w.cdr.lingraj ex-CUPA. They aren't picking up my call.:(

They've told the people that they'll bring him back. I hope it's not the usual empty promise.

The dog is healing as fast as he's breaking down into diabetic gangrene. I know they'll give him the usual antibiotics and hopefully this aggravation will wear out before they kill him.

Since he's there, I hour they treat him for syndrome X: BP, diabetes and cholesterol. Vets can be experienced at NGOs since they do so many dogs a day (but usually it's just antibiotics:/).

I should talk to Sudha who may protect him from death.

The relief of having him under someone else's care is as great as my sorrow that they won't see the disease and be patient with it, allopathy is cruelly impatient with suffering. My heart physically  hurts.

My guides are quite indifferent as usual. They said I could heal him but I won't. I thought they meant I'd be lazy, not that he'd be taken away. For them there's no vacuum - if not this animal then another. They're like this about Parsi one-eye too. I can't let go, they can.

They didn't want me to check on him in the afternoon or take niruri, so they already knew he was gone. I'll wait to see what happens and if he'll be brought back. They say he will, and that he's in good hands. Sudha is very kind ... and allopathy has its strengths...

My guides thought Rad brom again to draw away the disease next. If and when he returns.:(
The buffoons we call vets killed him. They injected him with adrenaline, I'll bet. The guy who called them said it has an accident - they did all that was wrong. He might have had a heart attack from the drama.

They said he was unconscious on the ride in the ambulance and died when they got him to CUPA. and for this simple statement they couldn't release the information to me directly - I had to call the guy who called them for pick up. The rascals. They might have euthanized him as well. CUPA is famous for swift ending of dog lives in the name of veterinary mercy.

RIP, sweet guy.

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