Monday, October 24, 2016

Update on births

Two street dogs and one cat gave birth last week. The ABC program relaxes a bit and nature reasserts her reproductive right, lol.

One dog is taken care of by a sweet rich lady, swarup, whose inefficiency is only equaled by her heart.:) I've told her a few dozen times and given her the numbers of 4 NGOs to so something so that her one girl, rexy?, now 10 puppies strong, won't be too much for the area. She assures me she's got it under control and gives them pretty collars.:) The Mekri girl and her young boyfriend have collars but no owner that I can see. They've just had pups, so no mum coming to eat for a week now.

The cat (gundagirl's mom) has a cupboard in her fav human's home. It's a regular nursery for virtually every mom cat. I hope she's evolved some sense and stays there - he's been babysitting kittens for over a decade and I'd consider him an expert feline rearerby now.:)

Goldie has given birth a month ago but I've never seen a surviving kitten. She has a chronic respiratory condition that I can shift but returns every CME. Can't figure it out.

Me-aw and her daughter have had kittens simultaneously 2 months ago as usual in the officers quarters behind. Again, I hear them mew at a distance for a few weeks and then they vanish - either they die or get kitnapped because they're do loud.

So much for the new arrivals. I hope more survive to adulthood in freedom this season.

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