Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The fur factor

I put the mucor niruri mix yesterday afternoon on two very itchy dogs and no allergic reaction or anything today.

In fact I expected the blackish glug to make them look bad (one is very white, Icy) but he's gleaming white today where it was applied! Does it fall off when it's done? It might even have reduced a kind of chronic redness but the area is so small I'm not sure. So what's going on?

The niruri is traditionally used for scabies. But usually fresh ground. Maybe this mucor is what happens when it's applied and air dried?

I feel the reduction in dander might be a part of what heals. The mucor eats up the excess skin cells and dandruff.

I'm thinking of adding it to a load of washing next time I have enough! I think I'm using up more niruri than my garden can grow though. I really had to hunt for it this third batch!

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