Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Slogging it

I guess the guides are just going to let me stumble around, messing with niruri until hit on the right ways to use it. Like I'm a child discovering the world for the first time. They're bums.

1. Protein rich instead of just niruri: I've done one with ragi.
I added the ferment to ragi ganji which is usually thick and colloidal. In two days it had separated to water and sediment. Come to think of it I should have kept some original aside... anyway very rapid digression of plant protein at least.

2. Consuming it raw. One with drinking it instead of tea: this was powerful stuff, lol! I think this acts like chaga tea. But I've decided that it's not quite necessary to put the dogs through this diarrhoea. Staying it on their food lightly is enough.

3. Then spraying it on animal food: which makes it less sticky the next day, so it processes different from bacteria. But is a superior process.

4. One applying it on the fur of the dog: This I haven't seen much effect of (though mucor is famous for being a hair digesting fungus, yikes, it hasn't ruined fur as yet). I've applied it on my own skin at the same time. It's a little drying but nothing much else that I can see.

5. One where I've added manganese dioxide powder to it. I've been trying to find ways to get manganese in a bioavailable form for animals. I know that nutrient rich mixtures are feed to yeast and then supplied to the poultry industry at exorbitant rates. Fungi like mucor are far superior in digesting nutrients. Again nothing much happened (no spectacular reaction) except the liquid got slightly darker. I've got to try this offer a longer period of time, with more nutrients and then with homeopathy.

So if guides aren't guiding, I've got to grind away like science.,(

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