Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sad aging effects

This must be a problem of cellulitis or some kind of pressure injury from humans not being designed to sit for as much time as we do. Barely used glutii.:)

I've gotten saddle sore from sitting awkwardly over two days now. The poor patients who have bed sores! What a terrible feeling it is to put pressure on it. It burns like fire. If it's bacterial, and anaerobic, I'm dreading the point when it ripens and bursts.

Burst. Much better. This was incredibly rapid from start to finish. I've noticed that in a mouth ulcer after niruri too - it must have started some time in my sleep; 4 hours from waking it was gone. hmm, rapid healing is often cited as a preliminary sign of cancer ... either that's what this is or the opposite from homeopathy.

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