Saturday, October 22, 2016

Never start with high potencies

I have to remind myself for the millionth time not to touch the high potencies until I'm done with the middle and lower ones that are drawn.:(

These potencies are actually very confusing. Maataji is of the view that high potencies bring out fewer aggravations, others claim the opposite.

I'd agree with Maataji but only for plant remedies, nothing in pure form off of the periodic table: salts of transitional elements esp are very reactive/aggravating in homeopathy.

I have an enormous pressure sore developing on my ... seat. Uranium nit most likely, iod tea second most likely (but hair fall is iod's thing to do, I think. Most of it's force seems to be expended on the scalp, breast bones and lymph, mucus membranes in those areas.

I haven't done the mucor-niruri from the 10th Oct waiting to finish my iodate chai before I begin again.

Uranium nit it is then since I haven't had a butt boil in decades.

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