Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mucor most likely

It is most likely a species of fungus called Mucor. The hyphae strands are long and white, it doesn't have the greenish tinge of Penicillium or the greyish tinge of Aspergillus. There are some black dots in it which is like Mucor. This is the best guess with the naked eye.

And it does seem to reduce the bitterness and make it chill (is that the same as chill proofing?)

Aspergillus is also used to do similar stuff. But it looks slightly different. Maybe.:)

I'm partial to the mucor explanation because it was also identified as the fungus causing cancer (mucor racemosa) by a soil/terrain doc. It would be a 'like heals like' thing if this was a different strain. Something likely by the guides.

I found this weird link about mucor that I wanted to keep (1):
* it can withstand high temperatures (so I can add it while cooking?)
* processes proteins like bean curd, cheese, etc. (so meat too?)
* the infants affected sound like fip in cats and distemper in dogs.

My one question is if it survives the stomach acid to reach the gut.

1. https://m.facebook.com/patricess1/posts/768688949822932

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