Thursday, October 20, 2016

More mucor thoughts

I thought gamma rays killed the mucor in niruri but maybe it was me. I added some of the nutrient mix that usually goes in the food. I think it killed the fungus?

One, I feel really bad about destroying the whole batch of niruri. I've virtually stripped half of my garden off of it's niruri weeds.

Two, though, it's fantastic! I can check nutrient by nutrient to see what kills good fungus and leaves us vulnerable! I can eliminate that from the animals' diet.

I hope wasn't just the concentration of it that was too high and 2. that I didn't wait long enough ... because I could be stuck at this forever. Already I've run out of vessels, dubbas, plastic bottles, to keep each kind of experiment separate. I also forgot and mixed the whole bunch together yesterday (therefore, insight:). But never mind. I'll just have to start over.

My lime water+salt which I forgot had developed the same floating fungus! so I took a sip before I chucked it. I shouldn't have chucked it because an hour later that same cooling effect is in my throat and oesophagus. It's amazing

So! It IS the same thing - this alkalinity idea and niruri! It's about plant fungal microzyma!! I need to find stuff that rots well.:) Enderlein then was right.

Hmm, I'm so excited I'm beside myself. Is it in all plants? If it composts veg matter?

The animals are cool with niruri. Not sure how they'd feel about lime water+salt in their food though. Not sure how to go on  from here...

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