Sunday, October 23, 2016

Missing presumed dead

Sept-October has been geomagnetic storms one after another in quick succession. Maybe it's always this way? But this is the month when many dogs go missing.

* Parsi one-eye's gone 3 days now and I've searched everywhere. Two others feed her. One feeder says 3 have gone missing with her in this week. I hope the other feeder has taken her home or sheltered her (not euthanased) but most likely she's had another stroke like last year but a debilitating one. I've searched everywhere. I fed her last Saturday and the guides kept insisting I go back everyday after. I had a cousin staying over and was too exhausted to make it. Regret not listening to them.:(

* Cauvery from Navnit missing from this morning. She's just a baby, I hope they get her. Cauvery is back after 3 days!

* 8yr old cat from Mamta missing for 3 days now.

* R market's lame girl Charma missing since Oct 5th. Her eye muscles got paralysed (couldn't move them up or down) when she came to say goodbye to me. Day of CME.

* black male from V.bakery taken 26/10 probably by CARE a-w. Hoping not euthanized.

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