Sunday, October 23, 2016

Microcephaly in animals

I've known several dogs that have the characteristic ridged and two-step forehead that survived distemper over the last 7 years. They're normal in every way except for chorea, weather affectations and loss of bone in jaw & tooth. Ulcers, skin issues and internal  spasms plague their lives and body temperature regulation.

Rani was the first kitten I've seen the same poor frontal development in. fip cases die off too quickly, and kittens rarely have time to adapt gut bacteria to make it. Puppies too actually but there are fewer around with ABC going on.

But over the last three weeks, it's disappeared leaving just a small hollow just over the forehead chakra! It can be healed!

This means homeopathy (with Reiki & prana) can correct this problem if we start soon enough! So many brain functions are located in the frontal lobes - the worst loss is cognitive, the imaginative game playing, then the repetitive nature of their cries (cri encephalique I think it's called - peculiar to distemper/fip survivors) and habits. If these two can be corrected she'll live a good live, I'm sure.

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