Thursday, October 27, 2016

I've figured out ... Something! part one

Lol! A geomagnetic storm feels good on the brain. It's like an information highway or something with no speed limit.

I've been down in the dumps all afternoon over the dog's fate, struggling with my fear of using remedies and the problem of calculating the sunstorms to avoid a repeat (I'd given the remedy on the 14th, so his dip was exactly 12 days after - from solar monthly high (crown) to low (root)).

Basically beating myself up for nothing on everything. He was running around merrily the night before, so maybe he did get run over by the morning milk truck, and internal organs were damaged and internal bleeding was what killed him. I'll never know.

The guides are adamant that I didn't harm him. He gave me this very approving look 2 days before and he was very even-tempered. The kittens are improving and no other dog, not even 16 yr old Icy has had more than tibial/femural inflammation. So ... I should shut up about this mess.

That's one relieved figuring-out! But it's not true.:(he has no skid marks, dust, scrapes, no one actually saw it happen - they inferred it, etc. I know disease and that's what it was. *sigh* Maybe the truck bumped him, shock and cascade followed. That's better. But the guides are right, it's time to move on.
Next, the big one: my diabetic theory (if a scep reads this: go away! I *know* it's a hypotenuse!;)

My guides want this theory put on the net (they're afraid of my poor memory or that I'll die and they'll have to start over with another!) so I'm going to carefully write all I can recall of the idea. Over days if I must.

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