Friday, October 28, 2016

Improvements from Uran

I'm going to call Uranium nitr 'Uran' from now to get the traffic off my blog (3800+/wk ydy! All this attn will make me shy and self-conscious).

The improvements I'm seeing which might be from Uran so far are:
*better gums - animals are chewing more raw
*tree climbing: gunda girl climbed a tree yesterday 35 feet and got off safely. Something she's never done before (either because of coordination or vertigo)
* cataract dropping to the lower half of one dog's lens (first it looked hard lower and growing fainter and soft on V-wall black dog - amazing; 1 other reverted softening didn't take hold, 3rd bakery black died)
* Better during geomagnetic storm (all except bakery black, rip) so may be weather proofing.
* Rani catching up in growth with Raja
*Sweetie who had enormous stolen lymph glands making her look pigeonchested, seems to have halved.
More later.

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