Saturday, October 15, 2016


Gcat went a little crazy on reaching puberty a few months ago. He chased females with such ferocity that none if the females hung around to figure out what his intentions were! The fate of most unmated creatures who don't get the softly, softly.:)

What's worse, testosterone made him believe he was bigger than he was and he'd choose to fight enormous males. He's a voiceless cat - trauma took away both mew and yowl -- he had no normal vocal warning range to keep males at a distance.

Thus, and with other incredible choices, the silly cat made himself an exile from home.

Everyday he'd sneak in, gobble down as much as he could and run because he was a hunted cat. *Every* male had a bounty on this fugitive's head!

But both size and speed being as incredible as his choices, he's unmarked by the scars of a single fight. (Not one, my little coward makes me proud.:)

Two days ago I realised he'd almost forgotten me. I did some major prana breathing and he sniffed around, recognised his old sleeping place and over a few hours got reoriented to remembering. He's on my lap now for the first time in nearly 3-6 months of a feral life! So glad.

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