Monday, October 10, 2016

... followed by dizziness ...

The gut flora are so weird because it controls the brain through balance?

So, soon after food tasted *so* incredibly good, diarrhoea; and just a few hours after that got better, waves of swimming vertigo!

It happened soon after I prana breathed & Reiki healed the two purring kits, Raja & Rani, for 15 mins. I got up to have a smoke and felt like my forehead chakra kept yanking forward, followed by really crazy tottering around. It was very different from hyperventilation though, more swimmy and wavering with nausea.

I've had this kind of thing happen when I quit sugar and moved to Stevia. At that time it shocked and scared me. This time I'm, like, blasé about it.:)

I'm having iodine tea after almost two weeks and it tastes like swill ... so the enhanced taste isn't indiscriminate! Can't believe I drank this shit for decades.:)

I'll switch back to mucor when I can balance better.

The moral of this story might be to go slow on mucor or it might feel like food poisoning. It works really fast - 2 days is way too fast - it probably clears the decaying matter in the intestines by digesting it (composting it:), but that means diarrhoea for 2 days (for a vegan, not sure if meat eating animals have a less sensitive gut, damned graveyards;).

Maybe even given during the last few days of the solar month? Interestingly mucor is used to remove chromium in one study - maybe heavy metals would leave the system more harmlessly too.

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