Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finally figured it out

I think saying "uranium" got me 3600+ hits this week.:) I'll bet some govt thinks I'm a supplier or some dark agent. (Go away, spy guys, I'm talking boring homeopathic uranium and dogs!)

I've finally figured out what might be the problem of healing:
* The lunar calendar is for plant and animal remedies. For healing problems with the removal of toxins, cleansing and nerve activation. Perhaps even the salts? So the Pingala stream and maybe Sushmana.

*The solar calendar for mineral and elemental remedies. These are for tissue building and metabolically stimulating. The Ida stream.
* These crisscross on the Sushmana. Ida and Pingala are harmonic on the Walter Russell chart (which has only one stream - the mineral 'octave' deliberately leaving the plant stream blank?)

It's already bloody painful to do so much thinking and now I have to find a way to make a LUNISOLAR calendar!

My life simply can't get more difficult - the guides are really relentless. Even Stramonium doesn't slow them down. I think I'll avoid and procrastinate for a few. Weeks.

I need to make them on transparencies I think so I can move them around...

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