Sunday, October 30, 2016

Figured more out - yawning and mold

I figured out something again! (it's this high solar wind stream messing with my brain. I'm tempted to say, high IQ etc but the guides might nix this post in cyberspace! I can say though that I'm resonating with answers!;)

I'm going to put all my insights and thoughts in this post for the rest of the month. For some reason blogger/blogaway won't let me edit after I post these days, so if that happens, no updates and no spell checks. New posts only.

Yawning is so difficult to deepen because we need to relax muscles we usually tighten and tighten muscles we usually relax. So, we need to feel no fear, anxiety or immediate threat to loosen our jaw, throat, lungs, diaphragm/solar plexus and tighten abdominal, perineum and lower back.

That's why it's so difficult. All opposite our survival instincts.

The mold insight is that lime, salt and water does last longer when fungus forms. I've let it rot four days and now drinking it. It's astonishingly cool.

Why people have been made to fear fungus so much is also astonishing. It seems to be our fundamental route to immunity. The animals love my food more, if that's possible (they already thought I was the world's greatest chef and now I'm closer to the divine!:)

My entire Oct batch of niruri I ruined by adding nutrients (mineral salts of potassium iodate, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese). It actually rotted anaerobically and was smelly with hydrogen sulphide. Sad, but I still used it on the animals food and drank it up. But it had no chill effect.

I removed the solid twigs and undissolved roots and set it aside to figure out later. Today, 3 days later it smells great!

So airing was part of the problem, not just the added nutrients. The added nutrients aren't a problem if there's aerobic processing.

Additional mineral salts do niruri no particular good though. It's got all it needs to make fungal instead of bacterial rot. Keeping it wet is all it needs.

The good earthy smell in compost is what we're aiming for.

It feels cool because of the *tonsils* which love mold. Unless the tonsils are involved, our immune systems don't function.

I put it in my hair today and the fur of the dogs (after a baking soda dampening). It chills even skin and scalp. So maybe it activates more than just tonsils?

I hope it's hair-digesting properties don't mean I'll lose living hair to it (iod tea did enough of that!:).

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