Saturday, October 15, 2016


Every school kid wonders about the noble gases. I've often puzzled about them when I look at the periodic table and wonder why homeopathy doesn't use them. Can't they be activated by the same method as the others?

Raymond brought them to my attention again today! Just might explain what prana is: a magnetically charged noble gas maybe? It's thick on the ground in the morning hours and on the breath! Would explain why Gunda used to fight others to get to my hands during those hours for a healing and rejecting all offers to heal at other times when it's thin in my system.

My hero Mendeleev (1) said: " "...The more I had to think about the nature of the chemical elements, the more I deviated from both the classical notion of primary matter, and the hope to achieve the desired comprehension of the elements of nature study of electrical and optical phenomena, and each time more urgently and more clearly aware that the earlier order or first must get more real than the present one, the notion of "mass" and the «aether»
Dmitry Mendeleyev
And it of course involves the sun! " an element y, crownline "crown" was recorded during a solar eclipse in 1869 in the spectrum of the corona, the discovery of helium on earth gave grounds to consider the real and the existence of a "crown")".

The sun being made of helium fits right into my current study of it. So happy!:)

And cosmic rays as well! So "In general, it is not clear how our world view of the universe could do without the Neutrino Newton! Neutrons (n0Nn) as one of the most common in the universe (the substance of neutron stars and black holes)!"

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