Sunday, October 30, 2016

Direction of cure in FIP

The first sign of healing with any homeopathic remedy for this disease is the eye tissue.

The kit develops wounds around the eye as the mucus membranes heal and the eyes stop being glued together.

I've tried healing it bottom up, but the kitten will die; people try to heal the abdomen first when it's the least important of the mucus membranes. After the eyes respond a bit (either pus or mucus will flow out of the eye ducts and the two halfway down the nose, then you can heal the abdomen with Merc cyan (any attempt to heal the 'intestinal form' will risk death if you don't see the disease as toxicity from head to toe).

Vera explained it as the mom storing the toxins she had in her system and absorbs during her pregnancy, into the fetus which is regarded as superfluous by the body.

This seems to be true. I've seen mom cats heal exponentially as they give birth repeatedly to sick kittens, as if birth itself is a blood cleansing method.

This might explain why mom cats like Stripes give birth so many times. They're not 'sex addicts' but it makes them feel better everytime they birth - that's nature's best method to heal a female body. Stripes was abandoned as a kitten by her mom because she was so sick with fip she couldn't stop her eyes from jiggling side to side.

A dose of Gelsemium 50m cured her enough of this nerve.problem that she could function and jump off the balcony she'd been stuck on, but I didn't connect it to blood poisoning. For years she remained the most bad tempered, evil cat around - both humans and animals ran from her unpredictable nature. Ignatia and then Dibs' nat mur cured her of the worst until she's only behaving badly once a week or so.

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