Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another rat

Ran over a rat today.:(

The geomagnetic storm must have got it confused because it ran perpendicular to the traffic on the busy airport road. I felt a wheel go over it and when I could pull over and come back it had already stopped twitching and died.

I gave it Reiki and did prana breathing for about 10-20 mins until it stopped drawing energy.

What kept running through my mind was Thoreau's, "The squirrel you kill in jest dies in earnest".

As it drew prana my heart was  heavy with grief - it wasn't coming back from the dead, but if it did, there was no gutter or place I could have left it even injured. To take it's home was certain death-by-cat. My eternal dilemma with rescue and overcrowding.

But while healing it, asking why, why did it run right into danger, why my vehicle, my guides sent me an image of it reaching the middle of the road where there's a 2' concrete barrier, turning back in terror and being run over followed by a wash of relief. That I'd saved it from worse emotional trauma before  an impersonal roadkill.

It lifted my grief at being responsible so I'm grateful. I've run over a squirrel once and that stayed in my mind for years.

The rat's and my energy balanced over time and I left it. I'm sad it died but not like the last time when I cried my eyes out.

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