Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Another rat died

This monthly loss of life to the sun's winds,flares and holes is very disturbing.

I breathed lots into the little Rani expecting her to be the most vulnerable. It took an young seemingly healthy rat instead.

The rat was lying in my path in the morning struggling to stay upright, so I breathed prana in it, kept it safe from cats and dogs, gave it some homeopathy and left.

I got back and he was clicking and rolling so I breathed some more prana and gave him Reiki.

I got back a few hours after dusk and he was still struggling to breathe. He drew ars alb 30 & carbo veg 30.so I knew his days were numbered. I left and got back early and found him struggling to breathe again but weaker. Being young makes it so hard to die!:(

This time I gave him bach flower Sweet Chestnut (for extreme anguish) which he drew strongest and carbo veg again. It eased his breathing greatly after which, as I held him to keep him warm and breathe with him, he began to squirm. I was about to get him Tarantula (which eases this awful 'death dance' when they can't get oxygen/prana into their cells) when he died quite peacefully, thank goodness.

So prana breathing didn't help him live. This is the second rat I couldn't help. The same day, 29th Sept, a beautiful sunset orange moth had fallen in the water and I was able to breathe for it until it's wings fluttered but it died a few mins later as well.

The problem is probably that, during a magnetic storm, I'm unable to breathe in enough prana to give away. My energy and the earth's energy are both low and I tire easily from the effort.

Like today, 4 Oct, it's a kp5/G1 mag storm and any prana I'm breathing in is light and thin (not dense), so it rushes to fill me up and not those I'm trying to heal. Not sure how this can be overcome.

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