Friday, October 28, 2016

Aggravations of Uran

* jaw/gum pain, moving outwards within the first week of the first dose (may be related to bp/heart?)
*enormous swelling of the upper jaw, septum, nose and gums around the decaying incisors of a dog (howl) rad brom offsets this
*red line of inflammation a few mm below the teeth in the gums
* plaque (a powdery rather than slimy morning mouth but no morning breath except one day) maybe mucor niruri offsets this.
* tibial ache and itch and all the leg bones(/nerves?) too (icy)
* otitis increases or decreases in dogs with the pre existing condition. Not sure which happens first. around 10 days after dose. (Could be related to bp too - blood beating inside ears?)
(from bakery black, if related):
* blood pressure decreases and increases with geomagnetic storms, so more susceptible to them during aggravation (could be the new moon as well influencing fluctuation - died 4 days before new moon)
* intense vertigo, intense swooping sensation, world dips away into darkness, sounds fade and return, anxiety accompanies; fainting feeling; standing up makes you fall.
* veins of the forepaws discharge blood at the tip (bp related)
*intense thirst with weakness like one can't get breath deep enough
*skin patches that bleed and quickly scab; fur falls away around it; like a thin mucus membrane, a gangrenous layer, with a central flat ulcer, shallow, arterial bleeding scabbing over; itching ears, scalp and chin (bp related?)
*the aura two feet away (mental/emotional? heart/solar plexus?) had the most activity. The swooping sensation was deep there, no prana in the layer (like Gunda, a fixed shield of rigid, accumulated energy fear and notions). It prickled with pins and needles sensations which I usually associate with bacterial activity and pain (so heart attack? heat stroke?).
* I could breathe prana into it, but every attempt to do it was like swimming against a strong tide. I'd get dizzy and have seconds blacking out. But it reduces that intense, fixed frequency and offsets through  fresh prana.
The guides first wanted me to heal at the hip joints on the first morning, then at the above and the back of the head in the evening, the next morning along the spine. Since I gather crowds, I get shy (and maybe didn't do all of it as people talk & ask questions continuously drawing away the energy the animal needs).
One thing though that I noticed about all these diabetic types is that they can't sweat correctly. Dogs don't hang their tongues out, people have hot flushes instead of sweat. There's true temperature regulation problems that don't let the body heal - carbon exchange is poor and heat.

It's just 15 days now but Uran can be like Psorinum with long lasting effects. I'm dreading it.

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