Monday, September 26, 2016

Uranium nit

Healing with uranium nit has been the greatest pleasure of 2016. I've saved 3-4, maybe 5  kittens with it - tippu, now rani, hyder & raja & gunda the kit a bit.

I get a tickling cough when I heal with it so it's a bone remedy and an immune system trigger.

You can see the kittens immediately change their behaviour from a mechanical struggle to breathe and live, to attempts to play, clean themselves, learn.

Rani who's looking microcephalous (no proper dome between her nose and ears) from only healing partially, still has the inflamed eye tissue. She eats as much as raja but nothing sticks to her ravaged frame while raja, his bones and muscle tissue develop in leaps and bounds.

I'd run out if uranium nit and bought it again today.

She's drawing it at 1m now and when I held it against her, instantly started purring. The bones of the back and her muscles are probably normally too painful but uranium nit made it possible for her to curl up and clean her hind foot and roll on her back! It's such a pleasure to watch them relax like normal kittens, not walk stiff jointed, bent over and rickety like little old women. But that's how disease ages even the very young.:(

I didn't give her a sniff or mouth dose, just Reiki'd it to reduce a chance of aggravation because of her fragility. Maybe when she's stronger ...

I fell asleep with her and raja cuddling into each other around the palm with u-nit and woke up with my tickling thymus cough.

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