Monday, September 26, 2016

Update of bitters

I stopped the Kali Iodate at day 30. It was remarkable for its phlegm inducing, ulcerating, hair thinning capacity.:)

But it did do something to my pineal gland. I had some horribly vivid nightmares, but also some amazingly clear meditations. I felt energy waves around my third eye for the first time in my life. It's still mixed into my tea leaf so I'll be doing it again ... when I have tea.

I stopped making iod tea to try the alkaline water with lime+pink salt. This was only so-so. I drank it for 3 days and realised the lime could be chewed and ate what I hadn't chucked.

That I feel could have been missing something. Good but nothing like my bitters experience! My throat is still cool in a patch a week after!! Remarkable.

So yesterday morning I made a batch from about 20 weeds (p. neruri) with their roots. They didn't want me to add anything so no other greens. Just Phyllanthus neruri billed and cooled and kept aside without straining.

My guides were all asking me to wait. Still are. But this morning I got impatient and had a spoonful from curiosity.

It was bitter alright but there was no coolness, nothing! After an hour or so there was a mild cooling somewhere high in my oesophagus above the thymus for a few mins, now some mild cool in the throat and mouth after nearly 12 hrs. Nothing like the rich and instant bloom of chill in the mouth from my bitter massoppu!!

Amazingly it's the ferment that we're looking for, probably even that snowy white mold that scared me so much that I finally chucked it. No wonder liv 52 is such a dull and boring tonic. It isn't aged!

Now I plan to take a spoonful a day until it comes to that exact ferment again.

Thank heavens for Bechamp or I'd never have been so bold! These plants must have microzyma that are exactly right to trigger the tonsils and thymus for healing, which is why it works on the liver, in diabetes, HIV and is anti inflammatory!

My Kali iod phlegmy cough is going. I have back of the throat soreness that hasn't become a cold yet. But the best part is how sweet the saliva becomes! The sweetness, probably from alkalinity, may resemble the DMT of the pineal secretion making it very prized by meditators.

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