Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time of change - full moon

The previous full moon was supposed to be a time of change and it was for me.

I'm finally getting up at 4:30 am like I used to. Maybe it's an October onward thing but I missed it the whole of Jan- Oct 2016.

I've also lost all interest in healing sceps. Or even listening to their shit to figure out why they're such jerks. I'm just blocking them as they misbehave on a whim since I gave up. I realised that the Martian was hogging all my time. I'm not even looking into the avocado's bitter rants.

Sceps will be sceps,:they don't really need or deserve energy that they reject anyway - a chicken and egg problem.:)

That has actually freed up a lot of my energy. I'm quite 'over the moon' over it! My fascination snapped.

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