Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Vampires among us

So, I've got to address the other vampirism in all races - other than the unparalleled savagery of the white men and women sceps on Twitter on their own hapless race - it appears to be present in all cultures.

Thieves of Yin
I've always looked at the Muslims of the Middle East as having *protected* India & the Far East from these European  barbarians. Even today, I hope they can stop them there this time as well - hang in there Syria, Yemen, Palestine!

In times of trouble I have often appealed to muslim men for help. More than the average hindu, they are protective, always ready, asking for nothing in return - they'll gift it as a qurbani. They're wonderful people with logic and reason at the core of their culture and fairness. The Syrians above all are the best.

Yet they will most likely treat their own women poorly, putting them down, ignoring them, vampires of feminine energy!

So what is at the core of this energy shortcut? It is definitely a yin vampirism, stealing from women and the girl child. it is probably the geocentric woman especially who is prey.

I like sky's explanation about the moon bring feminine and actually being a second sun but so sucked dry, that it no longer shines except in  reflected glory of male energy!

This is without doubt the best way to describe the loss to our world. It isn't even that the yang sun benefits from this. The sun only kills and maims its own children by taking what isn't it's due. All these diseases and all the earth's suffering is from male energy siphoning and running rampant.

It begins with the mother feeding the male child more energy to survive the many childhood diseases that kill boys before the age of five and leads to over-protective patriarchy that continues the bias when it isn't necessary for the adult.

Privilege renders men useless. They only know to use emotional crutches when they should try to walk. A lifetime of corruption results in the self-involved, narcissist bloodsuckers that I call sceps.

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