Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rats and Phos

The rats are eating matchbox phosphorous strips again pre storm. Interestingly only those that have been used, not unused boxes. Maybe they want the sulphur of match and the burnt phosphorous mix?
Phosphorous 6 is a frequently drawn pre thunderstorm remedy.

The rat that died that I tried to ease with the prana breathing, drew energy mostly above head and along tail, and drew phos 6.

One breath of mine was especially deep and it's entire abdomen seemed to heave and it began to relax & breathe easier.

I had to go out; when I came back it's breathing was harsh & laboured, struggling to die. I did the pb again and it relaxed amd began to breathe normally, lifted it's hind leg to scratch at it's ear and died in a slow clutch. This is the easiest it has been for older rats in a 'natural' death that I've seen. So what might have eased it in the prana?

Microzyma might be in  unsynchronized chaos at the end. Prana breathing might align them right. if this is right then prana is magnetic and just an alignment with the earth!

When we balance the root and crown, it appears to set the stage for ease of passing away.  Then the energy is mainly drawn in the direction life needs to change to acceptance and death (or struggle and life like in the Uran Nitr kitten case).

The breathing difficulty might mean I should have healed the middle as well? Poor little rat, the fleas were jumping onto me. I was afraid I'd start a plague epidemic and so kept my distance. Next time I should heal the middle chakras first.

The minute the body is in harmony, it seemed to merge with me for a second or so.

I think it might be a recognition of sorts between microzyma?

That merging, if it continues, becomes those miraculous healings that first degree Reiki students have. If it ends quickly, like two magnets that spring apart, the healing hasn't happened.

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