Saturday, September 24, 2016

Raja & Rani

The two gutter kittens of last week are now named. Merc cyan 10m probably saved the little Rani, uranium nit 12 did nicely for the inflammation around the eyes. But she had a terrible inflammation of the alimentary canal for 3 days from the Merc - just an aggravation I hope, not worsening.

They went from milk and curd to meat and fish rapidly because the girl stopped taking the bottle and would choke in it. (I was afraid of the pneumonia that kills force fed kittens.)

They ate too much like all fip kittens do. So for every new learning (licking, lapping, still no suckling but she's learnt to lave) her gut would inflame.

This time the guides stepped in and asked me to starve them. Instead of 4 hour feeds, I left them milk+curd and a bowl of water and didn't go back to see them for 12 hours today and only once in 8 hours yesterday.

If she survives, this might be the way forward. Even if they transition to solids, to return them to starvation/fasting until the body makes the necessary adjustment. Solids only once in 12 hours and very little.

Raja is blooming but he's fip too. His nervous system is crap and has shivering, periodic terrors. Crotalus 30 keeps his infected blood from poisoning him (and me - just a casual scratch would get itchy and infected).

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