Friday, September 23, 2016

My bitters

Ok, it's 12, 13 days now since I made the weedy massoppu and there are 3 small patches of very white fungus! I still ate it this afternoon though (do not worry, I spooned off the white fungi!;). No change in taste and so cool around the throat and mouth!

But I'll keep it in mind that my energy saved from cooking lasts only two weeks. Got to cook twice a month at least (if I eat only this the rest of my life). Bummer.;)

Maybe this coolness is called 'Alkalinity' in this alkaline movement?

First I didn't know how hot my mouth to stomach region always is. I should have known, being a smoker and phlegm plaguing my bronchial tubes, not to mention loss of voice and burning in the oesophagus and diaphragm from eating wrong, acid risings after coffee, rotis, white bread, etc.

Kali iod made it prickle and tingle but not cold.

This bitter weed goes from chill to mild tingle cold, almost the opposite of an allergic reaction. The cold spreads to the lips and then there's a bated breath moment when it hits the tonsils (I'm terrified of the tonsils, our first line of immune defense! Very bad-tempered, grouchy gland that!:). The tonsils take about a half hour to make up their minds that it's not a terrorist threat, after which the coolness goes all the way to the bottom of the oesophagus after which I lose track of the hot/cold sensation.

It might be a coincidence but alkaline water (lime+pink salt overnight) does the cooling but so much milder.

This cold must be 'alkalinity' because is the opposite of the heat, prickle, burn of inflammation. Can we get inflamed when our tissues don't get hot? I don't think so... or maybe alkalinity is the effect on the tonsils? Over time it may make them more discriminating, prevent overreaction, & auto immune confusion.

I've been asking the guides how I'd make this for the animals. It will take them and me a few days to understand each other. (you always get the feeling that they sigh like they're talking to a retard or senile:)

So far they say I've got to use the root as well (I'd cut out and chucked the root and stem), boil the whole thing with other greens (tincture?) and keep it a few days (to ferment?) and spray it on the cooled food. So the leaves are basically just  material to ferment, not for fibre. It must be just the bitter water ferment that's good.

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