Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My bitters again

There's definitely a coolness in the mouth now after 3? days of aging. But the guides say it isn't yet ready to use but I've made a start anyway. The coolness is along the center of my upper palette, from the soft palate to the upper and lower lip in a band. A little on my tongue.

So a few thoughts.

The mold or ferment is white: could it be penicillin? I know it grows on bread, but I have to look up if it tolerates a bitter environment.

The interesting thing about this mold is that it digested plant matter and... protein!

It struck me that it was strange straight away in massoppu which is so full of dal that it promptly rots if not reheated twice a day. I've never seen dal preserved except in sugar syrup (Mysore pak, holige) or deepfried (all flours) or dried (sun-dried, freeze-dried snacks).

Most probiotics digest sugars (including Lactobacillus, I think).

The brilliance of this for me is that cats and dogs are primarily protein consumers till the last. If this can be cultured and added to their meat, it could really improve their nourishment.

And there's nothing else that would prevent rot in meat except salting, drying or frying.

Worth checking into the penicillin-mold.
This morning not much mouth coolness in the morning and a disappointing smell of rot in the mixture. But there was a thin layer of dust-like mold on the top that I disturbed taking a spoonful.

I also drew out a little into a bowl and put a couple of drops of homeopathic mixture into it. By evening this mixture, bitters+homeopathy, is definitely cooler than the rest in the mouth!

One if my theories is that homeopathy actually works on bacteria and microorganisms, not us directly, which this might indicate.

Still, I'm not sure how to add it to the animals food yet. Put the homeopathy in in the morning and spray/splash it on after their food cools? Keep it overnight? Add the homeopathy to the liquid bitters as I make it or wait until after the mold begins?

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